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Our consulting team members have backgrounds in perioperative services, healthcare consulting, project and change management. Their work experience includes clinical experience in perioperative and critical care areas, information services consulting, workflow process improvements, supply side and change management. Additionally our expertise in system integration, interfaces and other skills enhance our ability to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Additionally, we are spending the hours learning the HITECT information you need.

In addition to our group of well qualified professional consultants, our partners stay actively involved in projects. We believe the only way to maintain our reputation for credibility is to remain current with our clients' business environment. We do that by working on site with our clients, becoming a part of each client's business team.

Our consulting methodology involves a team approach. Your consultant on-site has hidden resources, usually a New West partner, to assist them with any unexpected issues.

We have experts in report writing who create a custom or Quality Report meeting your individual needs or assist your team members with the report work they do. The only reason to put the information in is to get the information out in a clear to understand format. The HITECH requires different Quality Reports for documentation of meeting various requirements.

Phone: (888) 286-3993 - fax: (866) 616 3509 - Info@New-West-Consulting.Com

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