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Database files/tables are one of the key foundation elements of your perioperative information system. If these are not built and maintained in accordance with your business and operational support needs your system will not function effectively for you. Whether you are implementing a new system or updating an existing system, New West can help you assure you have a solid database foundation. And if you have limited resources to build or clean your databases, New West will work with you and provide the additional resources you may need to keep the project on track and on time.

Included in your database are your Doctor Preference Cards. Is someone on your team assigned to routinely update your cards? Do your physicians review their cards and delete procedures or items not used or add new items? These functions keep your cards clean and effective within your Operating Room.

Your Materials Management System needs the same periodic review. How often do items change and your physicians change their minds on what products they use? Is this information in your staff's head or are the changes made for all of the staff to be able to utilize.

Don't forget your Procedure Cards and Security Files.

This upkeep often becomes a resource issue. If you need any assistance, New West is here to help.

Phone: (888) 286-3993 - fax: (866) 616 3509 - Info@New-West-Consulting.Com

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