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In a tough economy, it can become difficult to convince others to bring in the necessary resources to assist.

Are you implementing your EHR? Did you vendor say, not to worry, we have you covered? In many ways, they are correct. But we feel your EHR vendor can get you from 'red to yellow' and you may need assistance to get from 'yellow to green' where green is your 100% compliance point. New West Consulting can assist with:

  • Meaningful Use Monitor - the dashboard tool to assure your compliance
  • Gap Assessment
  • EHR Strategies
  • Quality Reporting

Let us show you thru a 30 minute, no cost or obligation, web session, how we can help.

In addition, if you need to use outside resources to manage your project or assist your current resources for a specific need, such as data building, New West Consulting is your solution in the Information Systems environment. Our expertise saves you time and money; things that are in short supply in your environment.

Are you in the process of:

Upgrading your system to the latest release?
Beginning an inventory project?
Changing systems?
Implementing in-room charting for clinical documentation?
Interfacing or integrating your Perioperative system to materials management, or another system?

We have the experience you can trust in the following areas

  • Perioperative System implementation
  • Project management
  • Anesthesia Systems
  • System integration
  • Quality Reporting
  • Education and training
  • Database development
  • Interface and integration development
  • Report development and training
  • Supply side management
We begin our on-site project work with an initial Assessment Visit. This critical step allows us to see how you currently use your system and determine the action items necessary to run your system at its optimal performance to meet your organizational goals.

Phone: (888) 286-3993 - fax: (866) 616 3509 - Info@New-West-Consulting.Com

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