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Are you capturing all your implant charges? All of them?

Are you doing in-room charting and charging by exception?

Has your supply vendor changed and you need to update your preference and procedure cards?

Supply-side management is a critical component of your perioperative system and one that is often neglected. In order to assure accurate charge capture and maintain inventory control, the perioperative software system and the materials management system need to speak to one another thru an interface. New West Consulting has the experience you need to make this interface a functioning solution for your supply side management issues.

Shortening your billing cycle allows for quicker reimbursement to your facility and is most effective if your charges are accurate. Your information system allows verification of your charges in a timely manner.

And don't forget those preference and procedure cards. A routine, periodic review of your cards and procedures assists you to avoid waste and frustration.

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